Sunday, October 08, 2006

Top Ten Food-Related Observations of the Ninth Annual Moms' Getaway Weekend

From the home office on Tilghman Island, Maryland
October 6-8, 2006

10. “Pick Asparagus for county judge.”

9. “If we're in a car accident, there's gonna be Lactaid everywhere." "Hmmm, butter, milk, egg -- if we had flour, we could be a pancake.”

8. Beets. She doesn’t like beets.

7. “Why did you make six grilled-cheese sandwiches?” “Well, there were 12 pieces of cheese.”

6. Cupcakes, everywhere.

5. “This is 126-proof bourbon!” “Your eyes are watering.” “No, they’re not!”

4. “I assumed there would be fois gras.” “I assumed there wouldn’t be.”

3. Fighting Irish butter

2. As the ratio of a circumference to a diameter once said to the bottom of a boat, “Keel, I’m pi.”

And the Number-One Food-Related Observation of the Ninth Annual Moms' Getaway Weekend:

Bloody kanga!

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