Saturday, August 11, 2007

47 restaurants in 47 days: #24, Joanie’s

Joanie’s Café
447 S. California Ave., Palo Alto

Everyone should have a little restaurant like this within walking distance of home. A place where retirees, moms with young children, paired and single men and women in business attire, and slackers like me can happily mingle on a weekday morning, enjoying homemade waffles and scrambled eggs.

The servers are as friendly as they are efficient. “Are you Joanie?” one customer asks a waitress with an every-present smile. “No, I’m Susan,” she replies pleasantly, taking it in stride.

There’s a stack of today’s newspapers by the front door, for sharing. The orange juice is fresh and a cup of coffee is bottomless. A quick bite or a leisurely brunch? It’s up to you.

Joanie's Cafe in Palo Alto

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