Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fancy pants

Hanging out with friends, sampling delicious foods, and dancing -- all to support a good cause. Can't have much more fun than that!

We had a great time at the Blue Jeans Ball, a fundraiser for the Capital Area Food Bank. Dozens of area chefs donated their time and their imagination, offering a wide range of dishes. And we didn't have to rent tuxedos or buy formal wear. (Not that I would have minded this much.)

Thanks to CC for helping me stalk and shoot this glittery, black-lace-and-blue-denim creation. Words alone couldn't do it justice.

My favorite dish was a "lobster scallop boudin" from the chefs at PS7. There was something pickled in this tasty little bite that made it irresistible.

I enjoyed the varied interpretations of the denim theme. I encountered this fringed grande dame several times in the dessert section, methodically moving from table to table.

The only place we didn't meet was at the Good Humor cart. You'd be surprised how many people, when offered mini banana cream pies, handmade truffles and hazelnut profiteroles, would rather have a Giant ice cream sandwich or a Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bar.

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