Sunday, June 22, 2008

Just a fantasy

waiterI've had this fantasy, too. Jane, we should have lunch sometime. I'll bring my favorite fine-point Sharpie...

Typos a la Carte, Ever A Specialty of the House
By Jane Black
Washington Post Staff Writer

Wednesday, June 18, 2008; F01

First in an occasional series of rants about dining out.
...In my fantasy, I enter a restaurant, order and sweetly ask the waiter if I can "hold on to the menu" during dinner. Then, using a distinctive purple pen, I discreetly copy-edit the descriptions of the dishes.

Caesar, not "caeser." Shiitake, not "shitake." Riesling, not "reisling" (though I'd quietly applaud restaurants that spell it wrong as long as the misspelling was consistent.)

"Who was that anonymous proofreader?" chefs would whisper to one another. Correct-a-girl strikes again! Eliminating menu mistakes, one restaurant at a time.

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