Tuesday, July 29, 2008


"Coffee in Motion" served as breakfast one day when we wanted to get a quick start on the road outside of Portland, Oregon.

The red double-decker bus with "The London Eatery" painted in faded letters on the side used to serve corn dogs and fish 'n' chips.

The side of the bus says "seating on the upper level," but alas, this is no longer the case. It's strictly a drive-through.

We pulled up to the window for a "shot in the dark" -- a shot of espresso in a cup of brewed coffee - and a latte.

The menu also listed a six-shot, 44-ounce espresso drink. I can't even imagine that.

Why are there so few drive-up espresso stands on the East Coast, with its plethora of Starbucks outlets? The pace seems much slower here in the Northwest, both on the road and in the way people talk. Drive-throughs would seem to belong on the other coast, where everyone is much more frantic.

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Chalicechick said...

In New Orleans, they have drive-through daquiri shops.