Thursday, July 10, 2008

A welcome stop along the way

Yellow Church Cafe
Ellensburg, WA

The best part about traveling with some flexibility in your schedule is finding an unexpected treat like this great little restaurant.

(It helps if you have a wireless Internet card for you laptop computer, allowing you to surf for restaurant reviews as your driving partner cruises the interstate.)

The Yellow Church Cafe was built as a Lutheran church in 1923. It's been many things since then; now it's owned by Gordy and Cathy Wallen, both "PKs" (preachers' kids), who are happy to have given this place a new life.

B had a well-prepared ahi tuna salad. The fish was not overcooked, still a little rare in the center, but not sushi temperature. I had a mandarin tuna salad sandwich on very good bread and the freshest side salad with a tart mandarin orange vinaigrette.

The menu claims that the homemade "Heavenly Loaf" has "addicting powers." The cheesy, garlicky slices certainly disappeared from our table.

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