Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seen in the city

If you have a motorcycle, do you even need espresso?
MotoJava, 9th Street @ Bryant, San Francisco

Stick to reusable shopping bags, or become a fashion victim like this poor soul. (It's a little more effective when you see it in motion, but there is a pair of legs underneath the bags.)
University Avenue, Palo Alto, Ca.

Happy hour with a view.
Locals (those of a certain age, at least) call this the "jukebox Marriott," which is just what it looks like from the street.
The View, 39th floor, San Francisco Marriott, 55 Fourth Street

It's just another Westfield Shoppingtowne, but I like the curvy escalators.
Westfield San Francisco Centre, 865 Market Street

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