Monday, July 30, 2007

47 restaurants in 47 days: #14, Kaygetsu

Kaygetsu325 Sharon Park Drive
Menlo Park, CA

Kaygetsu offers kaiseki, a multi-course Japanese meal originally served after a tea ceremony. Ingredients and even tableware are chosen according to the season.
Hassun (assortment of flavors)

I wrote a long review of this wonderful place last summer, so I'll just post this season's menu and some photos.

Sakizuke (starter): Hamo eel and summer vegetables with ume plum dressing

Tsukuri (sashimi): Assorted seasonal selection

Yaki mono (grilled dish): Tachiuo (ribbon fish), salted and grilled, with manganji pepper with dried bonito, kinome leaf, yama momo berry and lemon

Hassun (assortment of flavors): Horse mackerel, deep fried and marinated in vinegar; fatty tuna nigiri; sweet shrimp with mountain caviar

Takiawase (slow cooked dish): Stewed pork belly, daikon radish, string beans and Japanese mustard

Gohan mono (rice dish): Rice cooked with octopus, dark red miso soup with junsai (water shield, which our server described as water-lily bulbs)

House-made original dessert: Gelatin-covered fresh fruits, anglaise sauce

Kaygetsu in Menlo Park

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