Thursday, August 02, 2007

47 restaurants in 47 days: #15, Beach Street Cafe

Beach Street Cafe
399 Beach Street
Santa Cruz, CA

This cozy spot is directly across the street from the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.

The interior of the Beach Street Cafe has pale blue walls covered with Maxwell Parrish prints. It's one of the largest collections in the U.S., according to the cafe's Web site. I especially enjoyed the Jello ads. ("Polly put the kettle on / We'll all have Jello now") The scuffed wood floors, lazy ceiling fans and Formica tables keep it from being too cute.

I had the house special omelette, with bacon, tomato and tarragon. It was a nice mix of flavors, generously studded with still-crispy bacon. Egg dishes come with homemade-tasting orange-cranberry muffins. The boys tackled hefty plates of pancakes and French toast.

The single server, managing about half a dozen tables, noticed that I'd moved to the entry of the restaurant to take a cell-phone call, and that I'd taken my coffee cup with me. Without missing a beat, he came by on his way to the service area and refilled my coffee. I liked that.

Check out the restaurant's Web site for good pictures of the interior, including the Parrish collection. It was still foggy this morning when we visited, and a little dark for photography.

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